Superior Cabinet Refinsihing Owner

What We Do:


 HI, I’m Curtis Spearman. Since 2011 I’ve been promoting and installing Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing. I realized that people were spending a lot of unnecessary money putting in new kitchens cabinets, and kitchen refacing when there was a lot that could be done with their existing kitchen.  I have a large variety of wood finishing experience with high end finishes – Kitchen Cabinetry and Architectural Woodwork. Finishes include: Glazing, Various Distressing Techniques, Rub Throughs, Crackle Lacquer, Toning (with use of Dye Stains) or spray stains, etc.



I advise homeowners to check out kitchen cabinet refinishing first before making radical changes, removing/replacing existing kitchen cabinets or other interior woodwork, which can be very costly and inconvenient. Another option for worn or dated Kitchen cabinets is to update your existing kitchen cabinets by changing the existing color with hundreds of custom color options available. You can do the same with trim, doors, vanities or any interior woodwork. Other applications available are glazing, antiquing, distressing, paint and crackle lacquering, paint and rub throughs, toning the wood lighter or darker, and adding accent colors to islands in any color you can dream up. So there are many possible avenues besides the costly venture of “starting over”, saving you thousands of dollars!