When it comes to your kitchen cabinets, there are many different possibilities to give you the kitchen you have always dreamed of. Here at Superior Cabinet Refinishing we offer you an affordable, customized option that has the durability to  hold up to the hustle and bustle of every day life. Replacing cabinets can be expensive, Why not take advantage of a service that gives you a new product durability and look but still keep it affordable? We use factory coatings that you would find in a high-end custom built / custom finish cabinet shop, which will give you the durability and chemical adhesion of brand new cabinetry. We are not the same as your painters, your stainers and your run of the mill Re-facers.  They use products such as Nhance, Rust-oleum, Acrylic enamel paints, and Gel stains . These products can look good at first, however they are just not able to offer the durability that Superior Cabinet Refinishing is able to offer you.

We will refinish your kitchen cabinets to give them a beautiful custom look that you will be able to enjoy for many years. The kitchen is the heart of your home, we want to give you a space where you are able to spend time with your family, entertain your friends, and enjoy your beautiful kitchen. Kitchen Cabinets are the most visual component of your kitchen. We will never use water soluble coatings like the ones mentioned above on your home as not only will it fail but it will lower the value of your home.  We offer many different choices and options to customize your cabinets. We offer affordable prices that will give you the high end look you want to achieve.  We want you to be proud of your kitchen, whatever your vision. If you can dream it, We can do it.

What distressing techniques for kitchen cabinets do we at Superior Cabinet Refinishing offer?

Pin striping-  Straight glazing lines that are in the profiles to enhance the depth and character of your kitchen cabinets. Where there are lines or edges, we are able to make them stand out.

Dry brush Glazing - kitchen cabinets staining techniqueDry brush Glazing- We are able to give your kitchen cabinets a custom antique look. We can use it to break up the monotony of a solid color. It can also be used to tie back into your countertops, back splashes or other contrast pieces in your kitchen.

Hunning kitchen cabinets staining techniqueHunning- This is where we remove corners of the door to give it a more rustic and worn look. It offers contour and shape to your cabinets.

Worm holing is a kitchen cabinet staining and refinishing techniqueWorm holing-   This is where we add holes to the door to simulate the aged look of wood decay. It gives character and adds a custom look that is original to only you.

Cracking is a technique used to refinish kitchen cabinetsCracking-  This is where we add strategically placed marks to give the door a weathered split appearance. Also when we fill it with glaze if can give you the option to accent your kitchen.

Chaining is a technique used to add a uniqueness to your kitchen cabinetsChaining-  This is a unique technique that gives your doors and drawer fronts beautifully randomized character marks.

Rub through kitchen cabinets refinishing styleRub through- This is where we are able to bring out the edges and profiles of your cabinet. It helps to showcase the curves and character of your doors and drawers.

Sand throughSand through- This offers a unique way to achieve a two-tone look. It is done by bringing out the bottom layer with heavy sanding and attention to detail.

White Wash cabinet refinWhite Wash- This technique gives the impression of a gentle glaze and sheen over your whole piece. This can dress up your cabinets and give it a very timeless finish.

Leathering- This is a very intricate technique done by crackle lacquer. It gives you a leather bomber appearance for your kitchen cabinets that is truly unique and custom.

Leathering styling for kitchen cabinets refinishingEverything that we do is tailored to the look that you want to achieve. This is all about you and your dream for beautiful kitchen cabinets and therefore a beautiful kitchen!.

We offer a vast variety of refinished kitchen cabinets options, However, if you are looking for ideas we also have design inspired collections. Superior Cabinet Refinishing offers 3 unique and one of a kind collections.  When choosing within a collection, we are still able to customize your selection to fit your home.

The first kitchen cabinet refinishing collection that we offer is our classic traditional refinishing kitchen cabinets collection.  Here at Superior Cabinet Refinishing we deal with an abundance of people who are planning on selling in the next 5 years. This collection offers pieces that appeal to a majority of potential home buyers as well as offering a tried and true design that our homeowners have enjoyed for many years.

Example of classic or traditional kitchen cabinets refinishing

The second collection we offer is our Old World collection. This collection focuses on the distressing techniques and aging techniques. It includes a lot of heavy hunning as well as chaining. We are also able to round the corners and give it a softer and antiqued appearance.

Image of examples of old world style of kitchen cabinets that have been refinishedNext would be our Complete Custom Collection. This collection offers exactly what the title says. You can either pull ideas from what we have already added to our collection or you can create your own. This is your kitchen, quite simply put, if you can dream it we can do it.

complete custom kitchen cabinets refinishing imageLast, but certainly not least, would be our refinishing technique known as French Country Collection. This often includes a signature color of your choice.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing image showing french country styleYou can also choose to do a rub through to add to the versatility of your kitchen cabinets. This look includes some light distressing that can range from light cracking to light worm holing. It is a very simple yet detailed collection.


Is it your actual doors that you don’t like? Maybe the only thing the stops you from taking the more cost effective route is that you need new doors. Well here at Superior we can make that happen. We are able to replace your existing doors with brand new doors and refinish everything to match.  We can replace your existing doors with shaker style doors, flat panel doors, raised panel and many other designs.  We are able to give you brand new doors and a beautiful refinished kitchen at half the cost of your typical refacing companies. You will not have to worry about routed out boxes or panels that may start to detach. Please contact us to get your dream kitchen started.

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