Q.  Is you work Guaranteed?
A.  Yes.  All work is guaranteed to be done in a professional matter. I want your referral. I will make sure you are completely satisfied with the finish of your cabinets.

Q.  Do  you have samples of work?
A.  Yes. Besides an extensive brochure of photos, I have full size doors that we encourage you to touch, feel and imagine in your home.

Q.  Can you produce a custom color?
A.  Yes, All of our colors are custom we blend all of our own colors, glazes and stains. We can create our own for you or we can color match a sample you have provided for us.

Q.  Do you offer free estimates?
A.  Yes. All of our estimates are free.  In fact, We want the opportunity to come out and show you what we can do. We know you will not be disappointed.

Q.  Do you do any carpentry work?
A. Yes, We can repair minor damages on doors and drawers. On the kitchens where it is applicable we can add crown molding and veneer’s to the sides of your boxes.

Q.  How long does it take to completely finish my cabinets?
A.  Pending size of kitchen and the type of refinishing project we are doing, it could be as little as 3 to 4 days in shop and 3 to 4 days in home. Bigger and more customized projects can take a little longer.  Ultimately having a beautiful final product dictates the length of the project.

Q.  Are the cabinet doors removed to be finished?
A.  Yes. The doors and if possible the drawer fronts and end panels are removed and worked on in my shop. The existing frames or boxes are finished onsite. We take additional care of existing fixtures in your home.

Q.  Do you apply a finish to the interior’s of the cabinets?
A.   We do the interior lip of the cabinet and if there is a glass front door we have the option to spray the interior. It is not something that can’t be done, just not something that is necessary.

Q.  Do I need to remove items inside of my cabinets?
A. Yes, we ask that you do remove everything inside of your cabinets. Though we have a very thorough preparation technique of sealing off your box openings, we don’t want to risk any overspray on your shelves.

Q.  If I have additional cabinets installed can you match up the finish?
A. It really depends on many factors including existing finish, color and wear. We will come out to evaluate your cabinets. We ask that you don’t order additional cabinets until a successful evaluation has been completed.

Q.  What about new hardware?
A.  We do not carry hardware. However if you pick out your own handles and knobs we will install them for you.

Q.  Do you laminate cabinets?
A.  No, We are a professional factory grade refinishing company and laminate is a completely different process that does not hold up to our high standards.

Q.  Are you able to replace my old doors? 
A.  Yes, we are able to provide any style door that you would like and finish it to match what ever color you have chosen.

Q.  Do you accept credit cards?
A.  Yes we accept all forms of payment.